What happens when a Contractor performs hard work or delivers service for a Customer, and the Customer doesn't pay? If he is smart, the Contractor files a Mechanic's Lien opposed to the Customer. A Mechanic's Lien is a decriminalized form wherein a Contractor or Sub-Contractor can stand a security interest on a wealth owner's legitimate holding when that possessor has one-time to pay for work or products. That security interest prevents the householder from commerce or transferring the place unless and until the security interest is rewarded. The lien is filed in the Court of Common Pleas of the part in which the non-paying goods owner's assets is set.

In directive to directory a Mechanic's Lien, the Contractor must set away all of the following:

(1) the expressions of the contract;

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(2) the amount alleged to be due and owing;

(3) the identify of all parties up to my neck in the written agreement/transaction;

(4) the twenty-four hours of the flouting of the agreement; and

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(5) the property site where the career was completed. In proclaim for a builder to folder a security interest in Pennsylvania, he must do so inside six

(6) months of the instance that the slog was complete or the product was delivered.

It is key to cognize that a Sub-Contractor can record a Mechanic's Lien against a householder as all right. This is a bit of a different scenario because it is naturally the Contractor who is chargeable for gainful the Sub-Contractor. In a development where on earth the Sub-Contractor is to be paid money, he can data file a lien hostile the householder. If a Sub-Contractor wishes to file a Mechanic's Lien, he must first afford the wealth proprietor thirty (30) years titular notice, in writing, of his concentrated to do so. That perceive essential portray that he performed carry out on the titled property, but that he hasn't been freelance for his work. The possessor later must pay the Sub-Contractor for his services, and try to re-coup the monies from the untested Contractor.

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